Rolda Shaving Cream - Hemp Oil Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin

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Rolda - Hemp Oil Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin | Organic & Vegan Extracts, Vitamin Rich, Regulates Oil, Cream Lather, Smooth Shave

  • 17.6oz

This Hemp Oil Shaving Cream is ideal for those looking for a semi-traditional shave of a cream lather with the added protection and benefits of Hemp.

Its formula is enriched with antioxidants that protect your skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Its hydrating properties allow an excellent glide for blades. This shaving cream prevents razor burns and reduces irritation during your shave. The Hemp Oil relaxes & revitalizes your skin during the shaving process.

Pump once and apply onto desired areas. Ensure to carefully handle the blade when shaving. To finish off the shave, use one of our aftershave tonics for a masculine scent and refreshing feeling.