Rolda - Barber Hair Styling Comb Kit | 3-Pack

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Elevate your hairstyling game with the Rolda Barber Hair Styling Comb Kit, a set of three carbon fiber combs specially designed for barbers. Made with high-quality carbon fiber, these combs ensure long-lasting use even with the application of heat.

The kit includes three essential combs for barbers:

  • Flat Top Styling Comb: This high-quality and durable hairstyling tool is heat-resistant, making it perfect for use with heated styling tools like hairdryers or straighteners. Its carbon fiber finish keeps the comb lightweight for easy handling, and its 9-inch length provides ample surface area for effective hair styling.

  • Carbon Fiber Cutting Comb: Designed for hair cutting or hairstyling, this cutting comb is made with low-weight carbon fiber for heat resistance and durability. Its 7-inch length ensures optimal comfort during styling sessions, allowing for precise and controlled movements.

  • Barber Styling Comb: Essential for any barber or hairstylist, this comb is evenly weighted on both sides for comfortable handling and versatile styling. Its fine and medium tooth spacing allows for seamless and effortless styling.

Upgrade your hairstyling tools with the Rolda Barber Hair Styling Comb Kit, and achieve flawless and professional haircuts and styles for your clients.