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Rolda - Alligator Hair Clips Barber Tools 

6-pack, Carbon-fiber Clips, High Strength, Heat Resistant

Rolda Alligator Barber Hair Clips are the essential tools for barbers and hairstylists when cutting hair. Designed with double-hinged claws, these clips maintain and hold hair in place, keeping it out of the eyes and face for precise and comfortable haircuts. Whether used on wet or dry hair, these 6-piece styling hair clips with sectioning work effectively on all hair types, including curly, thick, and thin hair.

Made with high-quality carbon fiber, these alligator hair clips are both lightweight and sturdy, ensuring a tight grip without the risk of breaking. With high strength, toughness, and heat resistance of up to 446°F, these clips are built to last and withstand professional use. The anti-slip design adds to their functionality, making them the perfect hair styling companion for any barber or hairstylist.

Keep hair perfectly in place during haircuts and styling sessions with the reliable and durable Rolda Alligator Barber Hair Clips.