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Rolda Barber Neck Strips 

Rolda Barber Paper Neck Strips are a simple but essential tool for all barbers. Designed to catch loose hairs and absorb perspiration or drips, these neck strips ensure added client comfort during haircuts. Each pack comes with 5 rolls of 100 self-adhesive strips, making them hygienic and easy to use.

Made with self-adhesive, stretchable, and disposable materials, these neck strips have high sticking ability and are water enduring. They are pre-cut and perforated for convenience, stretching to fit all neck sizes. Soft on the skin and non-irritating, these strips prevent skin contact with hair, sweat, liquids, dyes, and germs, providing a hygienic solution for every haircut.

Keep your barber shop clean and hygienic with the durable, soft, and flexible Rolda Barber Paper Neck Strips.