STYLECRAFT DLC Ultimate Fixed Trimmer Replacement T-Blade .2mm SCFUTB

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Stylecraft DLC Ultimate Fixed Trimmer Replacement T-Blade 2.0 (Fits all trimmers)

This BLACK DIAMOND trimmer blade fits the most popular branded trimmers and is the highest quality blade because it is rust and corrosion impermeable. It is ideal for high precision and fine line cutting and trimmer designs. Sharper than average blades, this double-honed trimmer blade has strong edges to keep its tips super sharp and durable. 

  • REPLACEMENT BLADE for Gamma+ and StyleCraft Trimmer models
  • RAZOR SHARP PERFORMANCE stays sharper, longer with the coolest operation and no drag
  • EASY INSTALLATION - This replaces the small moving cutter blade. Simply unscrew the two screws on the trimmer, gently remove the old blade, replace it with this one, and reinstall the screws into the machine. Make sure blades are aligned properly before turning on.