Wahl 5 Star Series - Vanish Shaver

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Wahl 5 Star Series - Vanish Shaver

Features & Benefits:

  • Independent suspension cutter bars:  Unlike the 5 Star Shaver & Finale Shaver, the Vanish cutter bars operate independently from one another. 
  • Removable, micro-thin, individual foil cartridges: Like the cutting bars, the foils are also independent and can be removed, rotated, and/or replaced individually. 
  • 100+ minutes of cordless runtime.
  • TRAVEL MODE:  Users can lock the shaver by pressing and holding the start button for 3 seconds.  This prevents the shaver from activating while packed away in luggage or travel bags.  This feature makes the Vanish ideal for mobile services. 

Smart LED Fuel Gauge:

  • i.  Full Charge
  • ii. 60% battery life
  • iii. 30% battery life